Wandering Banquets
"They are like wandering sculptures, preparing and serving fabulous food
and no plates will be needed.
Wandering Banquets is the brainchild of Marlein Overakker and Inez de Jong,
two Amsterdam artists, performing in museums, galleries, events,
private parties and anywhere else needed adapting to the surrounding.

They are the female archetypes in grotesque dresses.
Presenting the food without any comment,
playing with the anonymity in the crowd.

One of the many costumes is "The Black Tea Party Dress" especially created for Erwin Olaf's "Black Tea Party"
While "Wandering" around, sweet or savoury delicacies can be prepared and served a la minute from gigantic dresses.

Or they create up to a six course dinner,
where each course will be served out of a different costume.

Or dresses where the guests can take the finger food directly from their
dresses or, assisted by helpful, elegant concubines.

Or they customise...
Or, or and so much more.